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Healthcare Services – Human Resources

Company Size & Timeframe

  • 400 Employees
  • 4 days/week, 3 months
  • Results

    • Hired new HR Director in less than two months
    • Reduced recruitment paperwork by 85%
    • Reduced time-to-hire by more than 7 days
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Interim Director of Human Resources
  • Situation

    • Long-term HR Director was retiring
    • Insufficient time to recruit, hire and train a new HR Director prior to departure
    • No existing training or development program for an HR leader
  • Implementation

    • Recruited, hired and trained new HR Director
    • Developed value stream maps and recommendations for change
    • Created an implementation roadmap for the top six operational processes

Cerius Insights

“He set the stage for the HR transformation we needed. The new HR Director will have a solid foundation to start to deliver some great results.”

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