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Manufacturing – Sales

Company Size & Timeframe

  • $10-15 million in revenue
  • 1-2 days/week, 4 months
  • Results

    • Issued $7 million in quotes – 60% have high probability of close within 90 days
    • Consistent language helped Sales team understand and apply processes
    • 12 months of sales projections in the pipeline, with backups in case a sale was lost
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Private equity-backed
    • Interim Vice President of Sales
  • Situation

    • Vacant GM/Sales position left no sales leadership in company
    • No sales in 5 months with only 2 months of backlog and sales lead time of 12 months
    • Lack of sales leader and processes
    • Outdated and incomplete marketing collateral and website
    • Lack of understanding about customers and competitors
  • Implementation

    • Performed detailed analysis of target customers for quick sales, competitors’ products, and how to sell against them
    • Created a 6-step sales process and trained sales team
    • Created pricing matrix for discount analysis and pricing decisions
    • Replaced, established and/or set goals for field sales reps domestically and internationally
    • Directed redesign of marketing collateral, website and ROI calculators
    • Issued quotes/proposals to prospects
    • Assisted in identifying a full-time VP of Sales

Cerius Insights

Our Interim VP of Sales clearly defined the sales process we should use to win business. We now fully understand how to transition a brand new lead into a paying customer.”

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