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Manufacturing – Sales

Company Size & Timeframe

  • $30 million division, part of $2.9B parent company
  • 4-5 days/week, 2.5 months
  • Results

    • Closed $3 million deal
    • Bridged cultural gap between European parent company and U.S. company
    • Prevented high potential for turnover in sales department
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Interim Director of Sales
  • Situation

    • Director of Sales out on 3 months leave
    • Company recently purchased – experiencing cultural differences with parent company
    • Lack of leadership in sales department
    • Large variances in clients with difficulty prioritizing
    • Long selling cycle
    • Technical product with few resources in large geographic region
  • Implementation

    • Defined sales processes
    • Prioritized the sales pipeline
    • Established pipeline tracking capabilities at corporate level
    • Identified clients nearest to close with progress made
    • Implemented “strategic selling” for a faster close
    • Helped corporate and regional sales people understand process, strategy and prioritization of clients to optimize available resources
    • Issued quotes/proposals to prospects
    • Assisted in identifying a full-time VP of Sales

Cerius Insights

”The assignment was certainly considered a success. We closed one major order and moved several others well along. Now we will try to continue the momentum he built up!”

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