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Manufacturing – Sales

Company Size & Timeframe

  • 35 employees
  • $25 million in revenue
  • 2 days/week, 8 months
  • Results

    • 43% revenue growth
    • Reduced SG&A by replacing underperformers with fresh producing talent
    • New sales pipeline built from key prospects – 11 out of 16 closed
    • Retained 2nd largest client despite 25% price reduction offer from competitor
    • Initiated first contract with distribution partner in US and Europe
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Interim Chief Sales Officer
  • Situation

    • Low single-digit growth for past couple of years
    • Current sales team lacked talent to execute revenue growth plan
    • No sales pipeline to support revenue targets
    • Competitors stealing clients and undercutting prices
    • Small sales organization had limited market impact
  • Implementation

    • Launched strategic selling plan to target new client acquisition and existing client growth
    • Performed sales assessment, established performance reviews and individual coaching
    • Established premier prospect list
    • Designed and implemented client retention program
    • Researched and established channel partners for low-cost strategy to expand sales efforts and market reach

Cerius Insights

Hiring an interim to permanent was so painless and risk-free. I got to ‘try out’ my future employee for almost a year before I made her ‘mine.’ I knew exactly what I was getting.”

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