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Manufacturing – President

Company Size & Timeframe

  • 35 employees
  • 2-3 days/week, 6 months
  • Results

    • Achieved breakeven in 2 months, profitability by 3rd month
    • Went from 3% loss to 3% profit in 5 months
    • 90% reduction in returns
    • 16% inventory reduction
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Family-owned
    • Interim President
  • Situation

    • Company losing money, one month away from closing
    • Father founded the company, currently run by daughter
    • Concerns regarding sales organization and sales leadership
    • Non-performing team
    • No plan, goals or metrics; lack of processes
    • High inventory
  • Implementation

    • Established strategic plan, goals, metrics with dashboards, daily quotas and accountability
    • Held daily meetings with follow-through
    • Prioritized quotes and engineering
    • Increased margins by charging for engineering, increasing prices and creating better metrics for purchasing
    • Corrected inventory
    • Reorganized with 20% force reduction, removed “C” players and elevated other employees
    • Created daily booking thermometer to allow for 13-week budgeting
    • Issued quotes/proposals to prospects
    • Assisted in identifying a full-time VP of Sales

Cerius Insights

We would not be in business today if we did not make the move to bring in an interim executive.”

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