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Manufacturing – General Manager

Company Size & Timeframe

  • $25 million in revenue
  • 12 weeks, transitioned in FT replacement
  • Results

    • 50% reduction in Sample Order lead time
    • 3x capacity increase for Sample Order volume
    • Overall cost reductions, decreased defects, rework and lead times
    • Decreased customer complaints
  • Company Profile & Position

    • General Manager
  • Situation

    • 12-month leadership gap created issues
    • 12 month slide in EBIT, quality, customer complaints, delivery and morale
    • Inexperienced management team
    • Poor MRP implementation
  • Implementation

    • Stopped excess purchase activity
    • Corrected MRP forecast and safety stock errors
    • Launched and completed 35-day project to eliminate external warehouse
    • Established S&OP and cross-functional collaboration with forecast reviews and capacity planning
    • Expanded QA surveillance, corrective and preventive actions
    • Established cross-functional bottleneck identification and resolution
    • Addressed sample order performance

Cerius Insights

It has been extremely enlightening working with him. His clear insight and logical approach have clarified a very irrational situation. His operational expertise has made a forever lasting impact in our direction and approach; he has aimed us in the correct direction for success. His ability to assess our leadership and make corrections that we just overlooked has been a tremendous asset.”

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