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Company Size & Timeframe

  • 450+ retail locations
  • 2,500+ employees
  • $650+ million in revenue
  • Results

    • $3.3 million annualized payroll savings
    • 20% increase in year-over-year revenue run rate
    • 24-point improved hit rate for online sales productivity
    • Transition to permanent Sr. VP of Sales ensured no gap in leadership and helped preserve continuity and momentum
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Services, B2C
    • Interim Sr. VP of Sales
  • Situation

    • Purchased by two private equity firms
    • New CEO brought in at time of investment
    • Sr. VP of Sales position open for a year – CEO and executive team stretched to cover open position
    • Sales declining with worsening recession
    • Wanted to complete key sales restructuring projects while searching for new executive
  • Implementation

    • Restructured staffing models
    • Redefined sales compensation
    • Rolled out a store-in-a-box concept
    • Made store-level performance a priority
    • Defined and implemented selling processes for customer retention, renewals, new business and add-on business

Cerius Insights

Cerius Interim Executive Solutions delivered a performance-based professional that was always mindful of execution and results. The depth of experience and wisdom the interim executive had was invaluable and laid a strong foundation for us to further stimulate growth and profitability.”

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