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Technology – Sales & Marketing

Company Size & Timeframe

  • $65 million in revenue
  • 75 employees
  • 2 days/week, 3 months, plus 8-week training program (one day per week)
  • Results

    • Increased sales by 7% over forecast
    • Middle management teams worked more closely to solve problems
    • Marketing, finance, engineering and sales now aligned through a common language and approach
    • Streamlined sales compensation plan
    • New marketing plan that led to predictable lead generation, on-time product development and introduction
  • Company Profile & Position

    • B2B, government
    • Interim Sales Management & Marketing
  • Situation

    • Slow-down in sales and government purchases
    • Absence of a marketing plan (SWOT and Goals, Objectives, Strategies & Tactics)
    • Concerned that the sales compensation and incentive plan was off-target
    • Management team operating in silos
    • Senior management felt mid-level managers were inexperienced; No synergy between departments
  • Implementation

    • Reviewed sales compensation plan and recommended changes
    • Created a marketing plan and weekly market execution meetings
    • Developed a custom management training program; weekly team problem-solving program
    • Cross-trained managers so they understood departmental roles
    • Created a common language to facilitate better communication between departments

Cerius Insights

For the first time, we have clearly stated timeframes and goals. We are pleased with the management sales training program and that department managers are working as a team. The new VP of Sales understood and appreciated the compensation plan review (he took the job after reading it).”

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