Hiring the wrong C-Suite Executive can be costly.
Hiring the right executive, in the
right role, right from the beginning
will make or save you money.
The choice is yours.

3 ways you can use interim executive management services and Cerius

Interim Management, Interim Executive, Executive Search


Best way to know if someone is who and what you need – start with conversations and advice and go from there. A part time management consultant is ideal for projects that require less than 10 hours a month.
Interim Management, Interim Executive, Executive Search

Interim Executive

Need someone inside your organization for only a few days or a few months – part-time, full-time, project based. Interim executive leadership can fill a gap, lead/execute a key initiative, provide specialized skills and knowledge.
Interim Management, Interim Executive, Executive Search

Project to Perm

Make sure it is a good fit for both you and the executive. Work together on a few projects first, then decide if it is a longer term fit.

It has never been easier to find and hire the right executive for your needs

A Cerius Difference

Interim Management, Interim Executive, Executive Search

All Cerius executives go through our rigorous vetting process. You know exactly who you are bringing in.

Interim Management, Interim Executive, Executive Search

Network of thousands of executives from diverse industries, backgrounds, cultures, and company stages.

Interim Management, Interim Executive, Executive SearchUsing our proven interim executive matching process, we analyze your company, the situation, and find the right expertise & executive you need.

5 Reasons you Win with Cerius

Interim Management, 
Interim Executive, Executive

How It Works – Interim Staffing Services

button1We spend the time to understand your company, the circumstances, what you need an executive to accomplish and the results you need.



Cerius identifies the top executives from our extensive network that best exemplifies the background, expertise, culture and specific attributes you need.



Based on your discussions and all of the vetting information we share, you select the executive who is the right for your needs.

Let’s Get Started

Operational Inefficiencies
New Product Development/New Markets
Leadership Skills/Lack of Bandwidth
Stagnant/Declining Revenues
Pre and Post Due Diligence/Execution
Inter-departmental Conflicts
Strategic Planning
Banking and Financing
Systems and Reporting
Sell Your Company
Vacant Executive Positions
Infrastructure Build-Out for Growth

Assignment Types


Every now and then you need a to upgrade your leadership but not on a full-time basis. A part-time or temporary executive can lend expertise to your company with the flexibility and budget you require. Stop settling for less than what you need or think you can afford. We will work with you to find the right solution for your company and your needs.

Interim Executive Talent

Whether you need an interim CEO, short-term CFO, or part-time CMO – Cerius has an extensive network of thousands of qualified, accomplished, and effective consultants who can execute on your vision for as long as you need. Whether you need a transition team, a short-term “shot in the arm,” or somebody to cover a leave of absence, Cerius will work with you to find the best interim executive for your needs.


Have a new idea for your business but need to evaluate it before you invest large-scale time and resources? Not sure where to start and need an objective expert outside opinion? Cerius works with you on finding the right expertise for your strategic consulting needs. All of our vetted executive-level management consultants are available to work with you on a project basis.

Board Director/Advisor

Cerius will help identify board members and advisors who bring a wealth of experience, focus, skill sets, and knowledge to even the highest levels of your organization. The right advisor or board member can fill a gap, shore up a weakness, or provide access to critical industry-specific networks. Make your advisor team or board more productive and valuable to you and your organization.

Executive Talent

CEO, President, GM

A Cerius Interim CEO can step in and lead in a number of transitional situations including: sudden departure, succession planning (especially family-owned businesses), turnaround, pre- or post-merger, partner disputes or during leaves of absence.


From initial pre-launch market research to late product-cycle rebranding, marketing is integral to a company’s full life-cycle. Get access to the most experienced executives for your company’s needs, including competitor analysis, marketing plans & programs, market trend analysis, product management, lead & pipeline generation, and more.


A Cerius Operations leader can establish much needed infrastructure launch and document efficient processes, procedures and training programs, resolve fractured communication issues and help your business to operate like a fine tuned machine.

Human Resources

It all starts with your people. Cerius Executives and part time HR consultants can help you set up an HR department, manage or troubleshoot employee & labor relations, establish competitive compensation packages, launch change management, talent management and talent management initiatives, and address multi-cultural, multi-generational work environments.


A great CFO can make or break a business’s both top and bottom line. Our extensively vetted executives offer financial expertise including cash management, budgeting, cost planning, established banking relationships and financial analysis/management controls. Find a chief restructuring officer to fit your company’s needs.


Cerius interim management consultants can help you execute on the best strategies for improving your sales team, including compensation planning, partner or subsidiary management, territory redeployment, and customer acquisition and retention initiatives


Tap into a network of vetted IT executives who can assess and help execute a roadmap for implementing an ERP system, migrate your existing system, or align with business operations. Get more leverage out your IT infrastructure and your operations.

Accounting, Controller

Our financial management consultants have established accounting processes/best practices, improved cash flow, selected and integrated accounting systems, created decision-making tools and restructured debt.

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