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Strategic Planning in the Post-COVID-19 World

It’s strategic planning season. And if your organization is like most, you’re suffering from a lack of a good playbook in the post-COVID-19 world. Like everyone else, you didn’t have a section in your plan dedicated to recovery and rebuilding after a global pandemic.

With this year being like no other, organizations are rethinking everything. Including how to revise their strategic plan, how to best execute on that plan—or in some cases, how to create a new plan altogether. 

At Cerius, we’ve heard from many CEOs in our network in recent months—we know what’s on their minds right now. A few insights have been surprising…

New Top Concern: Pivoting to Exploit New Opportunities

Instead of seeking executive-level support with traditional strategic planning, many need help creating an entirely new strategy and putting a roadmap in place to go somewhere new. In the past eight months, their companies have pivoted and they now see market opportunities to spur their growth.  

Ready to Go, But Not Sure Where to Begin

Many CEOs have an inkling of where they want to take the company, but aren’t totally sure how to get there. Many choose to start by getting a comprehensive business assessment by an expert advisor—someone who takes the time to understand the company from head to toe, including where the CEO/owner wants to end up. These experienced advisors can help the CEO/owner:

  • Create a solid roadmap, including the goals, KPIs and key initiatives necessary to reach the finish line
  • Provide new ideas and strategies
  • Serve as a sounding board for the CEO/owner as they talk through tough business obstacles and keep the team moving
  • Stay involved to help hold the team accountable on a weekly basis
  • Fill expertise gaps as needed

If you’re in the midst of strategic planning and could use some expert guidance to help you see the forest through the trees, we can help.

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