Company Size & Timeframe

  • Large
  • 4 hours/week, 6 months


  • Lowered quick quits by 4%
  • 300+ leaders trained on hiring and interviewing
  • Eliminated duplication of effort
  • Standardized online templates and sample tools

Company Profile & Position

  • Part-Time Talent Acquisition Director


  • Rapidly growing organization
  • Experiencing 90-day quick quits in mission-critical roles
  • Inconsistent interview and hiring processes to select top talent
  • Experiencing intense market competition for talent
  • Duplication of work due to departmentalized forms and templates


  • Implemented standardized hiring and interviewing process, as well as tools for deployment across the organization
  • Designed and deployed a face-to-face training module for managers
  • Deployed online training for new managers/supervisors
  • Designed and conducted hiring and interviewing skills workshop for leaders

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Cerius Insights – Customer Quote

“A standardized hiring and interviewing process leads to more effective hiring. So what are you waiting for?”