Company Size & Timeframe

  • $55 million in revenue
  • 5 days/week, 11 months


  • Strategic product launched within one month, delivering 3% increase in revenue
  • Bridged cultural divide, enabling business units to execute plans together
  • Full recovery within 6 months of system outage

Company Profile & Position

  • Member-owned
  • Interim CIO


  • Needed independent review and assessment
  • Hindered by obsolete systems
  • Experienced significant system outage
  • Large project was six months overdue
  • Technology and business units not working together


  • Created and executed restoration, recovery and remedial actions for system outage
  • Hired Director of IT Operations – Department not functioning partly due to key role missing
  • Completed large project within one month
  • Established backup systems
  • Created SOP, increased discipline and predictability of IT operations
  • Established annual budget
  • Set up performance testing program
  • Initiated business intelligence and change management program

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Transforming information technology from a cost center to a competitive advantage should be a key initiative of any company with an IT spend. An accomplished CTO or CIO is the key to success.