The Interim Executive Way to Delegate


interim executive wayYou can do everything under the sun as long as you delegate. The interim executive way requires patience and a focus on solving problems.

Today’s hustle culture is putting an enormous amount of strain on leaders. In an effort to keep up with their peers, they are involved in several different activities, projects, and even companies at the same time. While it does lead to more stuff getting done, it can also be the path towards burn out if not managed well.

However, it is quite possible to do everything you want, as long as you delegate effectively.

Give it time

Delegation is an art that takes trial-and-error to perfect as each employee is unique and what works for one, won’t work for another. When you take on an assistant, you need to give them time to adjust to your working style, and time for you to adjust to their pace.

It’s natural for any person to be slow the first time they do a new kind of task. But with time, their speed quickens. Everybody has a learning curve. It may take no time at all for some, while a couple of days for another. But eventually, everybody masters an activity they have to repeat. Oftentimes, managers get frustrated with the pace and do the task themselves. Doing so doesn’t help either party.

Solve problems

Don’t delegate tasks, delegate problems. Rather than telling your employees what to do, tell them what you need to be done. Instead of asking them to post an ad for a new office manager, ask them to find you candidates for the position. Giving them the problem to solve gives them ownership of the situation and makes them responsible for its end result.

Don’t be afraid to lose control. Relinquishing responsibilities to your staff helps your company in more ways than one and leaves you free to pursue more projects.



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