The Speed You Gain From Interim Executive Results


One of the best things about interim executive results is the speed. Talent comes and goes as quick as you want. There’s no paperwork to get through or severance packages to deliver. Hiring the services of an independent contractor for short-time projects gives you more hours of work instead of the hours you lose in recruiting, hiring and letting people go.

The process to get interim executive results starts with defining the skills you need and then working backward from there. You may already know someone who has that skill or you can find them through one of many platforms, like Cerius, that connect businesses to freelancers, contractors, and consultants.

Get to work immediately for interim executive results

When you hire an interim executive, you’re hiring them for a short-term project. Their work and interaction with your company are limited which means they don’t need to be trained and provided with facilities. They normally do the project from their own office and may only come in briefly to discuss details.

“Often when you’re looking at interim management talent, we can get on board faster,” says Kristen McAlister, President of Cerius Executives. “I don’t have to get them trained. I don’t have to get them set up with a computer. I don’t have to have a desk space for them in most cases. We do the contract and then they’re up and going the next day.”

Lose the paperwork

Paperwork is one the biggest clogs in workflow. It delays operations and wastes time for both the employee and the organization. Going through the legal requirements of employee contracts can be frustrating for managers.

“This is like a dream come true,” says Pam Wasley, CEO of Cerius Executives, about ditching the paperwork. “It’s a thing of beauty that you’re not caught up in long-term agreements. You’re not caught into severance packages and worrying about labor laws.”

No hard feelings

Interim Management Executives don’t expect to stay with you in the long-term, nor do most of them want to. That makes it easier for managers to say goodbye to them when the project is over.

Pam says, “You don’t have to fire that person or let them go, and there’s no severance package. There are none of those problems that you get with getting rid of a full-time employee because with a contractor you just say the project’s over and we’re done. Period.”

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