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Transform Your Expertise Into Impact

How do you turn a multidecade career, varying roles of responsibility, and increasing seniority into a cohesive and transferable solution set that potential customers and employers will easily understand?

It’s not the sum of what you have done; it’s the outcomes and results of what you do best. By evaluating the highest and best use of all your leadership experience, you can make substantive, long-lasting results in the companies you serve.

The Solution Executive will take you step by step from the darkness of the resumé world to the light of confidently knowing whom you help and how you can help them. This book will show you how to:

• Turn a successful, decades-long career into a brand, where your experience and skills are transferable, easy to understand, memorable, and will outlast any company or career transition.

• Build an independent executive business plan that creates a sustainable and scalable pipeline of business.

• Become a thought-leader.

• Create strategic partnerships.

• Know when to say “no” and when to say “yes” — and how to make it easy to get to “yes”.

Figuring out what a business needs and how an executive can help that business, then aligning the two, is simple for neither the business owner(s) nor the executive who is looking to help. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

The Solution Executive teaches you how to make it easy for prospective clients to:

• Understand what problems you solve and how you help companies.

• Remember you.

• Trust you can solve their problem.

• Take the chance and move forward with you as their solution.

Transform your resumé into your compelling solution story.

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Illustrations for Audiobook: Chapter 12 – Diversify Your Portfolio

As you develop your business into whatever you want to make it (a sustainable business, a lifestyle, a transition), here is an overview of what it may look like. The three components I have seen affect an executive’s decision-making about what works best for them are:

• Time commitment

• Number of clients you like to have concurrently

• Amount of business-development (BD) effort

Ultimate Leadership Flexibility

Risk Management

Over time, you will likely end up with a career looking more like a portfolio of business and clients. Think of Sherie, who was an interim COO for nine months and then transitioned to an advisory role with monthly and quarterly check-ins.

Over time, you can see how one feeds into the other, and the need for business development or job interviewing gets reduced. The more meaningful interactions you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to work with people in different ways. They are able to not just understand your brand, but also experience your brand and become a brand ambassador.

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