We Ask the Experts What is Management Consulting?

Management Consulting

In this episode, we are joined by members of the Cerius team and ask them why a company would hire a management consultant? And what is management consulting?

Matt is a Senior Human Resources Executive who has extensive years of experience with two Global Fortune 100 Companies. He spent his last five years in corporate life as the Human Resource Officer for Ingram Micro Inc., in Santa Ana California. He tells us,

“Well the reason that a company would hire a management consultant. One is that there may be difficult decisions that current management team doesn’t really want to make such as a downsizing situation. It can include a situation where the company is in dire straits and they need to bring somebody in to help them make difficult decisions about how to streamline a company to make it profitable. Due to long standing relationships, the current owner is having difficulty making that decision on his/her own.

Management consulting is really that business where I have an expertise in a specific discipline and I no longer do it for just one company, but I provide that service to multiple companies. I go in, I look at what their needs are, I make an assessment, and I help them put together a solution to that particular issue or problem.”

Kristen McAlister is President/COO and Co-Owner of Cerius Executives. She has extensive experience in leading major acquisitions, sales and operations initiatives with small and large privately-held companies to publicly-held international companies. Kristen shares her view on how management consulting is useful:

You need that outside perspective and as much as you can hire in individual to your company, they have a limited number of company experiences compared to a consultant. Management consultants work with several companies a year allowing an organization to leverage much more for specific needs.  They can bring that perspective into your company and give a whole different view and take on things.”


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