What is Interim Management?

Interim Management can help you take your business to the next level without the expense of a full-time executive. They can get started quickly and are able to make the changes your company needs.

Pam Wasley: “Interim management is a way to solve problems  in a company quickly and with highly qualified executives. Just like you lease a car, you can lease an interim executive. Right, Kristen?”
Kristen McAlister: “Absolutely, you can bring them in for a short period of time for only specific needs that you have in your company. Coming up next we talk about the various roles of interim management.”
Pam Wasley: “So most people are familiar with Fractional Controllers and CFO’s, but what about an Interim COO? Have bad processes and procedures? Bad profitability in your operations? Bring in an Interim COO or Director of Operations.”
Kristen McAlister: “We’re also seeing a lot of Interim CEO’s, Presidents and General Managers tired of running the business alone. Bring in an interim president to work side-by-side bringing an outside perspective for a short period of time and see what it’s like to be running and managing the business with someone else before making a longer-term, full-time commitment. It’s also great for succession planning, owner burnout and turnarounds.”
Pam Wasley: “And have you ever thought about bringing in a part time VP of Sales? Oh, it’s awesome, because they come in and they can get really get your team really kicked off, back on track, making their goals again because boy they hold people accountable. Another one is marketing. How many companies out there don’t even have a marketing departments. They don’t even know where to start. Bring in an Interim CMO or again VP of Marketing.
Kristen McAlister: “It’s great in other areas. Especially on a project basis. Implementing an ARP, bring in a project-based Interim CIO or CTO and you will have a complete team to close any gap in your organization as you need it on your timeline. I invite you to watch more of our videos by clicking the box on your screen. Visit getcerius.com to see how interim executives help businesses like yours.”

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