What to Do When Your Company Has Outgrown Some of Your Employees

Pam Wasley and Kristen McAlister share how an interim executive can help companies that have outgrown their employees.

Pam Wasley: “Finding yourself a little too emotionally invested in your under-performing employees?
Kristen McAlister: “Pam, it’s tough. But an interim executive will help you make decisions with facts rather than emotions. Coming up next, what to do when your company has outgrown some of your team.This is never an easy topic to talk about, and that is what happens when the company is growing and some of the key employees have stopped growing with it. A common theme that we hear from our clients it my company has outgrown some of the team. The employees have been there since the beginning ever since I started the company, but they’ve been promoted unfortunately mostly due to tenure rather than having the skill sets needed.”
Pam Wasley: “That reminds me of an account that we had just recently. And this company had just totally changed their business model. Their employees freaked because now what they had been doing in the past changed and they didn’t know how to keep up.”
Kristen McAlister: “And this is where an interim executive can really help. Right, Pam?”
Pam Wasley: “Absolutely. In fact this is why they bring on interim executives. The first thing that they do is that they assess. They assess the people for reskilling, whether to move them to a different department, whether they need to move them on. But they make sure that you have the right people in the right seats.”
Kristen McAlister: “Sometimes it does take an unbiased expert to help you decide what is the best for the future of the company and some of the employees in it. And they can help you through the process every step of the way. It’s never easy to say goodbye. But sometimes it is necessary for all. To get our free book ‘101 ways to leverage an interim executive’, click the link on your screen or the description below and I’ll see you in the next video.”

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