What to Look For When Hiring An Interim Executive


Hiring an interim executive is not similar to hiring a full-time executive. Because their work is short, demanding, and unpredictable, not every individual with C-level experience can deliver results as quickly and effectively as needed.

Cerius Executives works with companies all over the country at every stage of the business cycle. They connect them with interim executives who can fill a gap in leadership or lead a short-term project.

Finding the right person depends on matching specialized skills and knowledge with the job. However, there are certain qualities that make some a better fit than others.

Hire an Interim Executive with measurable results

Interim executives that can share numbers from their experience deliver results that make a difference. If somebody can’t give you measurable results from their past, they won’t be able to do the same for you either.

Kristin McAlister, President/COO and Co-Owner of Cerius Executives, says, “I want specifics. It’s better to have it all on the top of your head because if you don’t have it from your past, how are you going to measure and monitor it for me, and get me results?”

Choose the person who says “I increased revenue per employee by 20%” instead of “Oh, I increased productivity.” That person will make a substantial contribution to your organization that you can build upon.

Interim Executives with strategic knowledge

Interim executives who understand how to market a product will boost revenues for a longer duration than somebody who is just looking at the financial side of it. Knowing what the product is, how to describe it and market it allows an interim executive to distribute it more effectively.

Kristen says, “Go for someone who knows how to productize. A great marketing-product person will know the product and be able to carry out the messaging so that not only the market gets it, but your team as well.” A great interim executive can also look into diversifying into other industries once they acquire solid footing within their current market.

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