Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Good For Business

Direct mail marketing is something you and your great-grandfather have both been exposed to. It’s been a classic since people started delivering mail and remains an effective form of broadcasting your brand and message.

All those promotional pamphlets, letters, and magazines you get for free on your doorstep is direct mail marketing. Even though in today’s digital world, people are consuming more material online or from their TV, one shouldn’t rule out offline marketing methods as they still have the power to drive sales.

It reaches communities.

Small, home-grown businesses that serve a local community benefit most from direct mail marketing. Because it reaches the home of potential customers and stands out physically from digital ad campaigns, it delivers 4 times the results of email marketing.

A letter in somebody’s mailbox is more effective than a billboard or a local radio ad. And in some cases, cheaper. You can save costs in bulk printing and mailing, as well as, in deliveries.

You get a better response

According to a study, direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to understand and process the message as compared to other marketing methods. Because your audience doesn’t need to spend much time and brainpower into comprehending your campaign, they’re more likely to respond.

If somebody likes what you have to offer, they’ll keep your material in a place that’ll remind them of it. Like on the fridge or by the phone. Repeatedly seeing it will make it easier for people to remember.

As compared to digital promotions, direct mail has the benefit of being physically present when the screen is off. Email marketing has an average response rate of 0.12%, whereas direct mail has an average of 4.4% rate of response. People can’t delete a letter with a swipe of a finger – use that to your advantage.

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