Cerius Executives: 2021 Year in Review

Cerius Executives: 2021 Year in Review

Who is using Cerius interim talent and why? A look at recent business evolution and what’s in demand today.

As the global pandemic continued and evolved throughout 2021, so did the need for interim executive talent.

During the past 12 months, businesses of all types and sizes grappled with the ongoing challenges of new COVID-19 variants, renewed focus on return-to-work strategies, dynamic responses to “The Great Resignation”, and continued efforts to ensure future growth and profitability.

Meanwhile, Cerius Executives focused on leading the way with interim, part-time fractional, and project-based talent—delivering customized, world-class solutions to quickly solve their business challenges.

Here’s a glimpse of the industries and businesses we supported most last year, and what those numbers tell us about the state of the market today.

Top Interim Executive Roles Filled

Finance (33%)
Operations (25%)
Sales (14.5%)
CEO (7%)
Human Resources (5.5%)

Delving Deeper:

“As far as roles, finance and operations were the two biggest areas—which is really not all that uncommon, especially with all the restructuring related to the pandemic,” said Pam Wasley, Co-owner of Cerius. “Yet one new trend that we’re seeing is that many companies are being surprised by leadership turnover and the exit of some of their executive team. We’re hearing about leaders that have been in their roles for a number of years literally walking out on a Friday or giving only two weeks’ notice. That’s why a lot of companies are turning to us and our network of trusted executives that can move in and help quickly.”

Interim Executive Placements – Breakdown by Company Size

Small/Mid-Size (70%)
Large (20%)

Delving Deeper:

“During the pandemic, small to mid-sized businesses really had to get creative to survive the market changes,” said Wasley. “They needed the right leadership to provide direction and see them through some unprecedented market conditions. Interim executives appeal to these businesses due to the affordable expertise and flexibility they offer.”

Most Popular Assignment Types

50% – Interim Executive (Full-Time)
30% – Interim Executive (Part-Time)
15% – Direct Hire with Client
5% – Project Work

Delving Deeper:

“To fill unexpected leadership gaps and executive vacancies related to the pandemic, a large number of our clients sought out full-time interim executives, who bring decades of experience and can hit the ground running,” said Wasley. “The next most popular choice was part-time interim executives, who can provide as-needed support on a fractional basis, either short- or long-term. This is a great option for companies who need proven expertise but have limited budgets or those who want flexibility without a long-term commitment.”

Our 2021 Placements by Industry

Cerius Executives: 2021 Year in Review. Who is using Cerius interim talent and why? Recent business evolution and what’s in demand today.

Healthcare – 12%
Manufacturing – 12%
Technology – 12%
Marketing – 10%
Real Estate – 6%
Retail – 6%
Other Industries – 42%

Delving Deeper:

“Considering the widespread and disruptive impacts of the pandemic, these industries were in great need of leadership expertise,” explained Wasley. “The healthcare industry witnessed tremendous management and staff turnover; manufacturing businesses suffered from significant shipping, operations, and supply chain issues; and while most technology enterprises grew during the pandemic, many service-based companies needed leadership for growth and product-based industries needed leadership to address the increase in demand for their products and manufacturing delays.”

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