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Pamela Wasley

Pamela Wasley - Cerius Executives

Pamela Wasley is a serial entrepreneur who has personally sold two companies and recently led a management buyout of Cerius. She’s an expert in helping companies develop higher shareholder value through the strategic development of rapid growth and profitability opportunities. Her industry experience ranges from technology, telecommunications, medical device, manufacturing and business services. She serves on several private company boards and is a frequent speaker on the topics of talent management, millennials and contingent workforces.


Auburn University – BA, Psychology and Business
Extensive additional education and certifications in software development, computer programming, web applications, mobility, networks, cloud technology and Contractual Law 

Board Positions

Senior Management Worldwide, Board Member
Senior Management Worldwide is an elite alliance of like-minded specialist interim executive resourcing firms, aligned to the urgent needs of organizations of all sizes and sectors across the world. Cerius is the exclusive North American partner of Senior Management Worldwide.

Orange County Head Start, Board Member (2006-2011) and Former Chairman of the Board


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Community Engagement

Sea Country Senior and Community Center, Instructor and Author of Computer Textbooks (2005-2008)

Personal Tidbit

Hiker, BackPacker, Cycling. I just love the outdoors.

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