A Cerius Executive is a client-focused, results-oriented professional who values collaboration throughout the assignment lifecycle.
They are curious, coachable, and consistent in their approach to client success which leads to positive outcomes for everyone involved.

You will receive an invite for an Intro Meetup. Please register for one that suits your schedule. You will only need to attend one of those events.

Yes. Every section of the profile is important, and helps us find suitable assignments for you. We need as much information as possible:

  • Include quantitative details and results of the work you did
  • Include specific softwares and programs you’ve worked with
  • In the summary section, create newspaper headline to get our attention: “Call me when…”
  • If you have multiple homes/locations, list them
  • Update your profile after every assignment

Consider the following:

We are in this for the relationship, not the transaction. If you’re not like-minded, it doesn’t make sense for us to move forward. 

Cerius does the leg work to get you assignments and move you to the front of the line; often, your first interview with our client will be with a C-level executive for an assignment you might not have otherwise had access to.

No two assignments are priced the same and we get paid in the middle. We are relationship-oriented, not transaction-oriented. If you are not like-minded, it may not make sense for us to move forward together. 

The lower your rate, the more likely it is that you’ll match a client’s criterion.

Operations and Finance. There is seasonality with other roles.

Interim, fractional, direct-hire, advisory, and project in remote, on-site, and hybrid capacities.


Selection and vetting process. If you’re selected, you’ll need insurance, an entity, references, and a background check.

All of our executive resources can be found via our Talent Resources page. We recommended starting with our book, How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money. You’ll also be invited to monthly Networking Meetups and Executive Forums, which we recommend you attend as often as possible.

Make sure your profile is always complete and up-to-date. Follow and connect with us on LinkedIn. Attend monthly Networking Meetups and Executive Forums and make sure you are opted in to our email subscriptions.