The Secret Ingredients of Great Interim Managers

Some interim managers are good, but some are great interim managers. Not only because of their impact but by their very personality.

Generally, most things in management can be learned. However, there are some leadership skills a leader needs to inherently have to start their management journey with.

Inspiration and motivation

The ability to inspire and motivate others is a quality only born leaders have. They are able to make each team member feel like they’re important which in turn makes employees want to please them. It makes employees dedicated in their work as they don’t want to deliver poorly. Maintaining that motivation and enthusiasm in the office doesn’t feel like a chore to a good leader, it’s a natural result of the environment they create.

Instinctual decisions

Instinct is something a leader must have. What works and doesn’t work for a particular organization is something only good managers can recognize before making the decision. That instinctual ability to make decisions based on your perception is a rare quality and something that instantly stands out among effective leaders.

It is different from knowledge and skills. The eye to recognize what ideas will work well in certain situations is something that is very instinctual. It comes from having a keen perception of the world and the surrounding environment.

Great interim managers have clarity of vision

An effective leader sets out with a very clear idea of what they want to achieve with an organization. From day one, they know what they want to accomplish and create goals that will lead them to it. The vision does not always have to be financial, it can be in terms of impact, branding, and growth as well.

Additionally, the vision needs to be a balance between easy and hard. If it’s too easy, it’s demotivating for the team. Likewise, if it’s too hard, it too is demotivating. A clear vision and goals driven by passion is a leading factor of success in many large organizations today.

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