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Top 8 Business Challenges We Solve:

We’ve assisted many companies going through these issues. Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Our network includes thousands of executives who are experts in solving challenges.

“Profit & Peace”

That’s how one interim CFO from Cerius Executives summed up the role of a Chief Financial Officer. On the surface, these ideas go hand in hand; but what if you came to realize that at your company, they are mutually exclusive?

We asked several Cerius interim CFOs what questions they ask to uncover signs of weakness—early in the game, before they morph into monsters that may devour resources and hinder prospects for future growth or M&A opportunities.

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What Our Customers Say

“Cerius was incredibly responsive and professional in this process, and they provided flexibility in the way we managed the transition… I have recommended Cerius to numerous CEOs with the same need. Cerius is a strategic solution for key functions.”

Bill Moore – President, PacMoore

Three Ways We Can Help

  • Interim
    Decades of experience, ready to hit the ground running. Primed to produce results at every growth phase.
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  • Part-Time/Fractional
    As-needed support, long-term or short-term. Big on action and impact, small on budget.
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  • Project-Based
    Laser-focus plus niche expertise and execution skills—ideal for mission-critical initiatives.
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Why A Cerius Executive?

The Cerius Promise: We’re serious about helping you find the talent you need to grow and scale your business.
  • Cerius Verified Executives
    Only the best problem-solvers with executive-level experienced.
  • Experience Matters
    Avoid the learning curve by using experienced, executive-level interim and part time management consultants.
  • Start Fast, Work Fast
    Executives can start right away, fix problems quickly. Fast-track your results.
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