How Interim Managers Meet Goals

Setting and meeting goals is a challenge for any manager. But when you’re an interim manager in a temporary post, the stakes are higher because of time constraints.

When an interim manager steps into an organization, the first thing they do is set goals. Because they have limited time, they have to put in double the effort to meet targets and create an effective strategy that will lead them there. Using some tools and smart management skills, they are able to help their team and company succeed.

Interim managers delegate tasks according to skill

Every individual is good at something. Whether it’s because of a skill, qualification or an inherent talent, some individuals outperform others in certain areas. Interim managers find out what each member of your team is good at and then assign them each a task that best fit their abilities.

Interim managers use project management software

With tech such a big part of our life today, it would be amiss to not use it for uniting team members. Interim managers use various project management tools and software to keep goals clear, communication open and everybody on track. Online services like Podio and Asana are great for task management while messaging mediums like Slack is a big favorite among workplaces today.

Interim managers check in often

They make it a point to schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings. It’s a great way for the office to track and discuss progress and talk over other options and issues that could impact the project. Having a regularly scheduled meeting will motivate employees to work harder as they know they will be held accountable in the next team meeting. A meeting also allows the manager to reassess whether or not the current strategy is leading to the achievement of their goals, and if it isn’t the meeting is a great place to figure out why.

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