Interim Executive Tips for Better Meetings

Some great tips interim executives use to manage meetings that increase productivity and deliver results.

Stuck in meetings is a phrase we’re all familiar with. Whether it’s you or somebody you know, getting submerged in meetings all day is not a sign of a well-run and efficient organization. Sure, they’re great to open communication and get ideas, but the longer and more frequent they get, the less you’re getting out of them.

Keep them short, concise and organized to make better use of office hours.

Interim Executive Meeting Tips: Make them short

A better use of your team’s time is working on the project itself rather than simply discussing it. So set a limit on how long your meetings will run. The shorter time will push everyone to move quickly through their agendas and prioritize items that are important and need to be addressed first.

Follow up each meeting with an email reiterating what was discussed and any items that may have been missed because of the time limit. Emails for less important tasks will force people to be concise and free others to work on their individual projects.

Interim Executive Meeting Tips: Prepare

Preparation is key to any matter in a business, but especially in meetings. It can save a lot of time to come prepared to the table. Additionally, having your thoughts and concerns organized helps bring clarity to the discussion and keeps the team focused.

Make a list of points that you want to address and rank them in order of importance. Better yet, share the context of what you’re about to discuss with team members beforehand. Send a meeting reminder with a short description of what will be discussed giving other participants a chance to prepare as well.

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