Common Challenges Faced By Interim Managers

Common Challenges Faced By Interim Managers

Interim managers are not immune to the day-to-day challenges faced by others in managerial positions. But unlike their peers, they’re able to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Interim managers face conflict

Conflict in the workplace can be distressing for anybody directly and indirectly involved in any kind of friction in the office. It can stop employees from performing their best and, even worse, drive good talent away from the organization.

Many people shy from any kind of confrontation or conflict in the workplace. Sometimes that even includes those who are responsible for resolving it – the managers. Interim managers know better than to ignore arguments between colleagues. They also try to identify and address any underlying tension before it builds up and affects the collective performance of a team.

Interim managers communicate

A major barrier to good performance is bad communication. One of the responsibilities of a manager is making sure that all team members are aware of their goals and expectations. Through effective communication everybody in the office stays on the same page and goals can be achieved quickly.

Managers can communicate using both traditional and digital methods. Regular team meetings and daily catch-up sessions are a great way for everybody to get together and share their concerns. Pushing instant updates via email or Slack helps keep the office updated on any changes that are relevant to them.

Interim managers prioritize health

Producing more output doesn’t mean pushing your employees to the point they burn out. Good managers recognize the need to balance a healthy work lifestyle and encourage employees to adopt healthy practices.

Without realizing it, many managers overburden their top performers. The ill distribution in work between colleagues can create resentment and feelings of bitterness towards the workplace. Interim managers delegate work evenly among team members and ensures nobody is stressed by the amount of work due.

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