Qualities Only Great Interim Managers Have

Qualities Only Great Interim Managers Have

Hiring an interim manager is a quick decision. Even if you don’t have the time to examine their CV or talk to past clients, you can spot great interim managers because of their qualities.

What distinguishes the ordinary from the extraordinary? The answer is personality traits. That’s why people analyze great leaders to figure out what key qualities make them special. Based on research and analytical studies, we’ve found key traits that only a successful leader or interim manager possesses.

Interim managers that are optimistic

The power of positive thinking has been reiterated time and time again. Almost every motivational speaker talks of how optimistic thoughts can change lives. They’re not wrong, because it truly does work. Optimism protects against anxiety and depression and helps managers stay clear-headed in times of stress. It instills self-confidence and helps inspire colleagues and employees to deliver on ambitious goals.

Interim managers that prioritize time

Time management is a skill only effective leaders possess. It’s something that not many people can master. Sure many can improve on it with different tips and tricks, but not all can be great in managing time. Good managers know how to focus time based on priority.

An old 80-20 time principle is one way of discovering people who are good with time. It’s where leaders focus 20% of their time on projects and people that end up delivering 80% of results.

Interim managers are empathetic

The ability to understand what another is feeling is valuable in a business. On the inside, it helps managers better resolve conflict and maintain relationships. On the outside, empathy can be a great way to stay ahead of the competition as understanding customer needs helps them address them quickly and effectively.

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