The Independent Executive

From How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money

We have seen executive careers take many forms over the past decade. Some career transformation was caused by economic changes, while other times it was influenced by personal changes.

Experienced executives have a number of options when making the next career choice: taking a full-time position, retiring, focusing on board work, or going independent as a contingent executive, i.e., interim executive, management consultant, advisor, or coach.

As much as each of these decisions seemed independent of the other, during the past decade, we have witnessed executive careers as more fluid, interchanging, and often overlapping among these options.

Working with executives who primarily want to work on a contingent basis has offered us many insights over the past ten years. We often receive inquiries surrounding what that career choice looks like, what an executive can expect, and why executives choose this path.

According to survey data from our 2016 research report, “The Independent Executive,” there are some consistencies among interim executives and independent consultants when it comes to income expectations, building a practice, and delivering value to clients.

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