Why Does an Executive Do Interim or Management Consulting Work?

From How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money

Independent executives love the freedom of this type of work. It provides a better work/life balance than their previous careers, along with the ability to choose the types of challenges they want. There is also a strong pull for this independent lifestyle for those in the process of looking for their next role (permanent or temporary) and executives who have sold their companies or are semi-retired.

As most executives enjoy the freedom of independent executive work, more than 86% said they would consider a full-time position for the right opportunity. This is down from 90% in 2013, based on the preference to remain independent, which supports the results that more than 90% would recommend interim or consulting work to another executive.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen executive careers become more fluid between independent executives and full-time employed roles than in the prior decades. It is no longer one or the other. As we track executive careers over the past decade, we are seeing less of a division and more of a migration from one to the other, depending on a number of variables from personal situations, external factors, and the need for either consistency or variability at any given point.

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