3 Challenges Interim Executives Face

Most challenges interim executives face vary from project to project, yet there are some in particular that repeat themselves every so often.

Serving in a leadership role means executives need to pick up on issues quickly, resolve them and make changes to prevent them from repeating. By staying attuned to common challenges interim executives face, they are better able to deal with them with once confronted.

If you Google leadership challenges right now, you’ll get half a billion results. Not all are unique. Any individual that’s been in the epicenter of management chaos more than once knows that oftentimes the root of the problem is always limited to just a few reasons.

1. Leadership versus management

A common debate in organizations is between leadership and management. Although the two are essentially the same, they both serve different functions. Employees often pit one against the other taking sides as to which one is better. It is recommended to distinguish the two and have both leadership and management working side by side in support of the organization.

2. Lack of development

Cases, where an employee is promoted to a role they are not prepared for, can have a bad impact on the organization. While it is always great to favor internal employees, it should only be an option if they are qualified. If not, you can still promote them but only after providing them with necessary training and skills development that will better equip them in their new role.

3. Challenges interim executives face from the environment

An environment that does encourage open communication and transparency can be difficult for both employees and managers. If an employee needs to follow a rigid chain of command to be heard it can lead to resentment and delayed feedback. Similarly, upper managers remain aloof of employee concerns and create plans that are not best suited to their needs leading to lower chances of success after implementation.

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