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Cerius Sales Consulting services can help turn stagnant and declining revenues into growth.

Cerius Executive level sales consulting brings with it the knowledge of how to make a deep impact in any organization’s sales strategy. Our experienced leaders work with businesses just like yours to address what the source of the sales decline is, how to identify niche markets and possibly new markets that you may not have thought of yet. Cerius Sales Consultants work with you to create a sales strategy that will be unique and custom to your organization.

During economic downturn, sales dropped 30%


  • Identified a niche in the marketplace
  • Bench mark report about industry and competitors giving company more direction


  • Revenue increase up to 15%
  • More development of channels of distribution

Informal and outdated sales processes combined with young sales force and little marketing created lack of pipeline and accountability


  • Created and began implementing sales and marketing plan within first two weeks
  • Established accountability format for long term sustainability -
  • Reestablished use of CRM system and pipeline forecasting
  • Created personal goals for sales team from daily to annually
  • Sales reps plan their work and work their plan from trips to daily activities
  • Hired new sales rep and manager
  • On-going sales coaching


  • 40% sales increase for existing representatives over prior year
  • Sales reps spent more time spend on sales rather than account management
  • Lost sales easily identifiable allowing for quicker adjustments in sales techniques
  • Visibility for sales forecasting”

Sales declining in face of inadequate comp and incentive plan

Streamlined sales comp plan

Increased sales by 7% over forecast “

New sales team lacked goals, leadership, training and tracking


  • Implemented CRM system including design, installation and training
  • Tested all sales reps for sales skills and coached them accordingly
  • Evaluated sales teams’ skills and created one-on-one development program – Interviewed and hired additional sales reps
  • Aligned incentive plans with company’s goals
  • Established goal setting and provided coaching to sales reps for achievement of the goals


  • Sales reps substantially exceeded quota by 15%
  • Sales reps exceeded personal and professional stretch goals in every instance
  • Reporting now available and being used to track pipeline, close rate, time frames and activities

Lack of sales growth, high turnover in sales and channel network


  • Established new job descriptions for inside & outside sales for clarity
  • Defined outside sales territories and restructured sales department to reflect them – Hired and trained replacement as full time Sales Manager (rather than expensive VP of Sales or equity BD partner)
  • Set-up committees to interface with sales & manufacturing to improve customer service delivery


  • Sales up 24% with no additional hires/positions with increasing profitability
  • No turn-over within sales & customer service division during assignment

Failing to achieve necessary sales growth rate.


  • Implemented 2012 marketing & sales plan
  • Executed high impact sales actions
  • Rearranged organization related to sales for better growth positioning”

Company sales up 14% overall; 36% in Western Region

Sales declining; need to restructure sales model.


  • Restructured staffing models – Store level performance a priority
  • Rolled out a store-in-a-box concept – Redefined sales compensation
  • Selling process defined and implemented for customer retention, renewals, new business and add-on business


  • $3.3 million annualized payroll savings
  • 24-point improved hit rate for online sales productivity
  • 20% increase in year-over-year revenue run rate

Lack of sales leadership and strategy for technology product resulting in long sales cycle


  • Prioritization of pipeline
  • Pipeline established with tracking ability at corporate level
  • Identified clients nearest to close with progress made
  • Sales process defined
  • Implemented “strategic selling” to close quicker”

Closed $3M deal

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