Growing Your Interim Business? Top 10 Reasons to Join the Cerius Network

Growing Your Interim Business? Top 10 Reasons to Join the Cerius Network

Once you’ve made the decision to become an interim executive, the next pressing question is this: Which professional network will deliver the most benefits and opportunities? Which partner will provide the best foundation for success?

You have many choices, but here’s why Cerius is the best one.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Cerius Network

  1. Largest network in the nation
    With more than 17,000 experienced executives in our network, we’re the largest and strongest interim executive network in the nation. That helps us attract more companies, more assignments, and secure more placements.
  2. Decades of matchmaking experience
    We’ve got the robust knowledge that comes from our 17 years in business. As a leadership matchmaker with a proven track record of success, we continue to be the trusted single-source partner for executive leadership serving the small to midsize business marketplace.
  3. We wrote the book on this niche (literally)
    Cerius co-founders Kristen McAlister and Pamela Wasley pooled their joint knowledge in a top-selling book, “How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money: Insider Secrets from Successful Interim Executives and Independent Consultants.” It’s a step-by-step guide for starting, growing, and maintaining your interim executive business—and you get all that knowledge by partnering with Cerius.
  4. Custom-built profile for faster placements
    When you join the Cerius network, you create a custom profile that expertly highlights your background, executive leadership skills, results, growth, and track record—all the data we need to understand your talent. This helps our team easily match you to the right opportunities, which drives faster placements.
  5. Power to move at the speed of trust
    Because of our detailed profile, data collection, and vetting process, we can place interim and fractional executives very quickly when assignments are available. For you, that means less waiting and more working.
  6. Personal attention and priority
    What can you expect when you register with Cerius? Our team makes an intentional effort to get to know you, your background, and what you’re best at. So when opportunities arise, we can quickly find the right fit.
  7. Opportunities to connect and grow
    As part of the Cerius network, you’ve got plenty of ways to interact with our team and other interim executives virtually. We offer monthly Executive Forums, with breakout sessions to meet other interim executives, ongoing meetups, and roundtable events for specific roles and industries. The events are your chance to meet other executives, make valuable connections, and learn more about the interim executive marketplace.
  8. Thought leadership and online resources
    You can also tap into a wealth of thought leadership resources, videos, and transcripts about market trends, what’s happening in the interim executive and fractional business world as a whole, and helpful strategies on how to create a target list, find customers and grow your interim business.
  9. Savvy matchmakers
    The Cerius team talks to hundreds of CEOs each and every week about their company’s interim and fractional staffing needs, so we’re a great resource for you.
  10. Entire team ready to serve you – We do the heavy lifting to review your experience, skills, and rates to connect you to open assignments within days.

If you’re an experienced leader who’s exploring career options, it’s a great time to consider partnering with Cerius. If you think it might be right for you, click the link below to apply today!

Registration takes 15 minutes and gives you access to monthly executive forums and a fast pass to the front of the line when one of our clients needs the type of expertise you provide. Interim, Fractional, or Direct Placement opportunities are only a click away.

Learn how we can help your career grow.