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Cerius for International Business Leaders

Why Cerius Leadership?

If you’re a global company with a U.S. presence, you know the value of having U.S.-based leadership at the helm. A leader who has the language skills, cultural knowledge, proven management of operations, and successful track record managing a U.S. workforce for a global company. Whether your U.S. site needs to optimize performance, drive profitability or accelerate expansion, we’ve got executive leaders that can help you reach your goal.

Not only do our interim executives know the language, regulations, customs, and buying behaviors in the U.S., but they can also manage tasks across the entire value chain. Their proven skills deliver exactly what you need, including target market research, strategic planning, creating a roadmap, finding channel partners or licenses, setting up key account management or a field sales force, establishing a production site, and dealing with local authorities. Having a U.S.-based leader is invaluable for growth.

Cerius specializes in finding the right leadership for the right time. You’ll gain the strength of a vetted, experienced executive who can support your business, bring proven skills to the table, and keep your expansion efforts on track to success.

  • Assignments icon
    Decades of experience, ready to hit the ground running. Primed to produce results at every growth phase.
  • Long-term obligations icon
    As-needed support, long-term or short-term. Big on action and impact, small on budget.
  • Project-based icon
    Laser-focus plus niche expertise and execution skills—ideal for mission-critical initiatives.
Cerius interim executives are world-class interim, fractional and project-based CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers, CFOs/Controllers, Operations Executives, Sales Executives, Human Resources Executives, Marketing Executives, and IT Executives—guaranteed to move the needle where it counts.

Results Speak for Themselves

“We would not be in business today if we did not make the move to bring in an interim executive.”
– A small, family-owned manufacturing company that turned to an Interim President to keep the company in business.
Within six months (2-3 days per week), the Cerius Executive:
  • Achieved break-even in two months and profitability by third month
  • Reduced returns by 90%
  • Transformed 3% loss to 3% profit in five months
  • Reduced inventory by over 16%

Find the right U.S.-based executive leader for right now.

Make one call and let Cerius find the right executive for your business, your industry, and your unique situation—within one week. And start seeing results immediately.

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