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Your Business Challenge: Systems, Accountability and Processes

Processes and accountability have always been top business challenges—now more than ever as companies have migrated to work-from-home environments. An operations executive can help bring standardization to chaos and simplify the complicated. Contact us to get connected with a proven part time management consultant.

Why a Cerius Operations Executive?

Cerius gets it. Operations leadership is a serious strategic and hands-on function—one that can have profound effects on an organization’s bottom line. When you need an organizational change consultant, you need the right one, right now. You need a leader with a keen eye on improving quality, complex business processes, lean manufacturing and supply chain management. The stakes are too high for the untrained or inexperienced. Too much is riding on success.

Cerius specializes in bringing the proven leadership you need. You’ll gain the strength of a vetted, experienced executive, offering turnaround management consulting to pinpoint the most effective ways to meet performance goals and surpass the competition.

This also applies to the following titles:

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • VP of Operations
  • Director of Operations
  • General Manager
chief marketing officer consultant
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Decades of experience, ready to hit the ground running. Primed to produce results at every growth phase.

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As-needed support, long-term or short-term. Big on action and impact, small on budget.

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Direct Hire

Quickly identify and introduce your next executive leader.

Cerius interim executives are world-class interim, fractional and
direct-hire Operations leaders—guaranteed to move the needle where it counts.

Results Speak for Themselves

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“A company whose organizational structure does not change in response to changing needs and requirements will always lag behind its competition.”

– A biopharma company with $20 million in revenue that brought in an interim Director of Supply Chain Operations during a major market transition, which included an MRP implementation.

Within nine months of having the Cerius Executive:

  • All projects were done on-time and within budget

  • All revenue goals were met, with recovery from production issues

  • Company successfully transitioned to the acquiring company within 60 days
Results Human resources
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“We are leaps and bounds from where we were, and are more confident in our roles. I can’t believe this is the same company!”
– Small, family-owned business that brought in a part-time interim Operations Executive to improve infrastructure, process and accountability to handle rapid growth.

Within six weeks (a few hours a week), the Cerius Executive:

  • Ensured that Accounting closed the books by the 5th of the month, with reporting available by the 10th

  • Established a decision-making dashboard for the CEO

  • Increased productivity and better prioritization within R&D
Results manufacturing
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“Interim operations executives helped put into place lean practices, establish processes, procedures and accountability, establish the infrastructure to support it at the next stage of growth or help identify and improve profit margins.”
– A large manufacturing company that hired an interim Director of Operations to assist a recently acquired subsidiary while they determined a longer-term plan.

Within 11 months of having the Cerius Executive, the company:

  • Met all financial goals

  • Minimized industry contraction through supply chain efficiencies

  • Ensured 100% of orders shipped with no mishaps during the transition

  • Increased bank inventory audit compliance rate from 30% to 100%

Find the right Operations executive for right now.

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