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Finance Management- Fractional CFO Consulting

Your Business Challenge: Leadership Gaps, Vacancies or Preparation for Sale

There’s a reason interim CFOs are the most popular of all interim roles. It’s the first role a CEO hires as the company is growing, the one role no company should leave vacant during a search, and critical during due diligence whether you’re buying or selling (alongside a strong Chief Human Resources Officer). Virtual CFO service available. Conact us today about our Fractional CFO Consulting!

Why a Cerius Finance Executive?

A great CFO or VP of Finance not only wields a sharp pencil, they’re a champion for focused investments—asking the right questions and helping the CEO know when to say no and how to say yes. As a key member of senior management, the CFO must know what drives the numbers, think like an investor, set metrics that drive value—and above all—navigate risk with prudence and courage.   

Cerius specializes in providing the right leadership at the right time, with options for interim, project basis or fractional CFO consulting that you’ll be able to effectively scale over time—a wise decision any CFO could rally behind. Ask about our remote CFO services.     

This also applies to the following titles:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • VP of Finance
  • Interim
    Decades of experience, ready to hit the ground running. Primed to produce results at every growth phase.
  • Part-Time/Fractional
    As-needed support, long-term or short-term. Big on action and impact, small on budget.
  • Project-Based
    Laser-focus plus niche expertise and execution skills—ideal for mission-critical initiatives.
Cerius interim executives are world-class interim, fractional and
project-based CFOs—guaranteed to move the needle where it counts.

Results Speak for Themselves

One midmarket business services firm hired an interim CFO for five months during an executive search to get through the gap after the incumbent was removed under difficult circumstances.

During that time, the Cerius Executive:

  • Fixed balance sheet issues and finished purchase accounting in the first month
  • Reduced past-due receivables from over 50% to less than 10% in two months
  • Reduced monthly close cycle from seven days to less than 5.5 days
  • Reduced staff and improved reporting to one global finance executive
“I don’t have to be embarrassed when I present numbers to outsiders.”
– A family-owned international distribution company with $12 million in revenue that hired an interim CFO to prepare financial projections and get its financial house in order.
In just three months (3-4 days per week), the Cerius Executive:
  • Closed subordinated debt in less than two months, reducing existing LOC by 3%
  • Successfully restructured debt, saving the company $100,000 annually
  • Raised additional capital
  • Increased forecasting accuracy with less than 10% deviation
  • Improved cash flow forecasting and timely payables
“Great job and exactly what was needed.”
– A family- and woman-owned $25 million government contractor that was considering a sale. They hired a full-time temporary CFO for 11 months to bring financial reporting into alignment and prepare for presentations to potential buyers.
During that time, the Cerius Executive:
  • Connected inventory and the accounting system
  • Set up a monthly closing process and templates
  • Elevated and trained accounting employees
  • Established reporting for decision-making
  • Worked international negotiations and lease renewals

Find the right Fractional CFO for right now.

Make one call and let Cerius find the right executive for your business, your industry and your unique situation—within one week. And start seeing results immediately.

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