Company Size & Timeframe

  • $20 million in revenue
  • 9 months


  • Improved website design that will generate 7% of revenue increase
  • Product sales directly attributed to individual ads in pilot project
  • Mathematical model to measure marketing program returns
  • Techniques and results that can be repeated internally

Company Profile & Position

  • Director of Supply Chain Operations


  • Company undergoing transformation, pivoting to a new market
  • Six major projects to complete in a short period of time
  • Unexpected departure of incumbent executive


  • Fixed sales orders fulfillment, met quality standards
  • Established new contract manufacturer – evaluation, contract, on-boarding
  • Evaluated an MRP system – recommended not to proceed; determined not cost-effective or timely
  • Assisted with sale of business
  • Managed transfer of all assets to various buyer facilities with no experienced transition team
Results manufacturing

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A company whose organizational structure does not change in response to changing needs and requirements will always lag behind its competition.