3 Ways Interim Executives Get You Sales

In an organization, the team that brings in the most revenue is your sales team. Interim executives are experts in building and setting up your sales team for success.

Together with the sales team, interim executives can create a sales strategy that drives growth.

Interim Executives focus on existing customers

Katherine Barchetti, queen of retail in the seventies and eighties, once said, “Make a Customer, Not a Sale.” That means treating your customers as people who have come to you with an unresolved problem. Don’t view them as a source of money, rather focus on making their buying experience a pleasant one to build a relationship upon.

It will always be cheaper to makes sales from existing customers than attracting new ones. Therefore, make your customers feel welcome and find ways to keep them coming back. Loyalty programs and frequent discounts are a good way to attract them.

Interim executives enter new markets

Sometimes you’ve done all you can yet growth is stagnant. Rather than throwing more money at marketing campaigns, invest your money in creating or modifying your product for another market. The market may be one that complements your service, or another demographic. Search for niche markets that nobody has entered before for an added advantage.

Interim executives inspire trust

‘All Things Being Equal, People Will Do Business With and Refer Business To Those People They Know, Like, and Trust,” says business speaker Bob Burg.

It’s imperative to build a brand that has values that inspire trust, transparency, and reliability. There are so many business scandals in the news today, that customers are more suspicious than ever. Don’t give them a reason to suspect you by giving them all the information they need.

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