3 Ways to Increase Sales

With so much material and data available online, it can be difficult for young entrepreneurs to figure out which sales strategies to follow and which to ignore.

Ways to Increase Sales #1: Social media

Promoting your business on social media might be pretty obvious. Yet, many ignore it as they find it hard to maintain. It’s only hard if you don’t have a plan. Sit down with a marketer or come up with a plan of your own to generate content. Think of fun pictures and updates that will increase brand awareness and get high engagement from followers.

Considering one in three internet users check out social media pages for information before purchasing a product or service, you need to balance your feed between useful information for visitors and interesting content for followers.

Ways to Increase Sales #2: Talk to people

Marketing strategist, Edwin Dearborn, recommends directly asking clients to buy your product. It all comes down to thinking of sales as ‘closing the deal’ versus offering information. The best way to do that is to ask.

Don’t hesitate in asking a potential customer towards the end of a call if they’d like to make the payment now or would rather sign a contract for later. Be a sales shark and do your best to make sure the client pays.

Ways to Increase Sales #3: Offer discounts

Sales are a great way to make your product or service attractive. Reducing prices by even a small margin invites customers to your store’s doorstep. According to a survey by RetailMeNot, about 51% of shoppers said they were influenced by promotions, deals, and discounts when shopping. It’s also a great opportunity to get people that have heard of your product but weren’t sure about purchasing it to give it a try.




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