4 Steps to Nail Your Sales Pitch


Every business owner and salesperson has a sales pitch. It’s a skill that anyone can master, and in 4 easy steps so can you.

A sales pitch is the quickest and most effective way to boost sales. If you’re at an event or meeting new people, you can pull it out at the right time to attract customers.

Sales pitch step #1. Look presentable

The first impression is the last impression. So always dress well and according to the occasion. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a wardrobe that will make you presentable. While some events may call for a suit, others will be more relaxed.

Formal attire looks good but some argue that it is not as important as it once was. Billionaire investor Peter Thiel states in his book Zero to One that he never invests in a CEO that wears a suit. Because in the tech industry, he believes people who focus on engineering over a fancy suit have more to offer.

Sales pitch step #2. Know your product

You can’t sell something you don’t understand. Spend some time with the product or service you’re selling and educate yourself on how it works. So when you’re giving your sales pitch, you should have answers ready. Customers expect you to know the product in detail and will be wary if you don’t have a response to their questions.

Sales pitch step #3. Know your audience

Before you can sell a product, ask yourself whose needs it fulfills. After you’ve narrowed down the target audience, learn all you can about them.

For example, the market for a video game is males between the age of 16 and 35. Based on that profile you can compile information that will help you understand their buying trends and activities. Furthermore, that data will help you find your audience and capture their attention.

Sales pitch step #4. Keep it simple

You want people to be hanging on to your sales pitch, not bored and wondering when it’s going to be over. Therefore, avoid long sentences and complicated words. Keep your sales pitch simple, interesting and easy to comprehend.

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