5 Easy Ways Interim Managers Increase Sales

5 Easy Ways Interim Managers Increase Sales

How to increase sales is a common problem frequently posed to interim managers on assignment. Countless words have been written on the best way to increase sales, but sometimes the simplest ways are the best.

There are some complex models and techniques to increase sales, but according to sales strategist & bestselling author Mark Wayshak it can be accomplished in 5 easy ways. It is similar to techniques used by interim managers:

  1. Interim managers toss out the features and benefits

Potential customers don’t have the time nor interest to scroll through your long list of features and products. They just want results. Focus on results you have achieved or can achieve, and share it. The simpler you can project your core competency, the easier it is for people to comprehend and recall.

  1. Interim managers ask for one referral per day

Asking for one referral every day might sound like a big task, but realistically it takes only 10 minutes of your time. You can check out our guide on how to get more referrals by listening to what people need. There is no easier way to grow your sales because when you do the math, it comes up to over 200 referrals per year. That’s a lot!

  1. Host a private client event

People love exclusive events. Invite top clients and prospects to an exclusive fundraiser or dinner where they can mingle and discuss business ideas. In the midst of a fun evening, you’ll see top prospects do your selling for you.

  1. Interim managers create client case studies

There is no easier way to impress someone than to show them you’ve done it before. The same goes for prospects who are attracted by an example of what you have achieved in the past. Focus on the results, not so much on what and how you did it, but rather what you accomplished.

  1. Offer 3 options

Stop giving just one option to new customers. This ends up limiting the size of a sale. Your prospect wants options. Have 3 options ranging from least expensive with minimal features to premium with the maximum added value. This gives your prospect perspective to see what’s out there, and an opportunity for them to choose the highest package which gives them higher value and a bigger sale for you.

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