5 Leadership Styles Achieves Success

Every interim manager has their own interim management style that works. Figuring out what’s best for you requires experimenting until you find the right fit.

The objective of interim management is leading others to success. How they achieve that is through an adapted leadership style that best suits the needs of the company. By adopting a one that motivates and drives employees to perform well, interim managers are able to meet objectives quickly and expand the organization.

1. Structural leadership style

Employees working under this style know exactly what needs to be done and by what standards. Leaders expect excellent work from their staff and thus hire, train and manage them to deliver according to their expectations.

Structural interim managers are able to make quick decisions without the need to consult. Because they have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how to get there, they are capable of working independently.

2. Participative leadership style

Participative interim managers treat their employees like friends with just as much respect and understanding. By putting their needs forward, they form a strong relationship. Employees reciprocate the care and respect they receive creating a warm and healthy workspace.

Employee morale is high in such teams allowing them to reach a collective consensus on group decisions and goals. By making them a part of the decision-making process, team members are able to adjust to changes more easily. Additionally, they can prove to be a valuable source of fresh ideas and perspectives.

3. Servant leadership style

Interim managers of this style view their job as a way to serve their team. Vice versa, team members aspire to serve their leader. Managers achieve this by treating their employees the way they would like to be treated. To help them deliver results, they ensure that there are adequate resources and support.

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