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Cerius Executives is a thought leader and information expert when it comes to business leaders, executives and the organizations they work in.

  • Expert advice on how to best utilize an interim executive or management consultant for your business
  • Get an independent second opinion on some advice you’ve received
  • Receive input from a variety of perspectives (operations, sales, marketing, finance) within 24 hours – an advisory board has never been this easy…just ask and we’ll put it to the network of experienced executives.

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Here are some common questions we receive from CEOs:

“My top performing sales person is marching to the beat of his own drum and continually causing me issues. I don’t want to get rid of him since he is my top performer. Is this typical? Any suggestions on how to get more cooperation out of him for things like submitting reports?”

“My controller has been with me for over five years and started as a payroll clerk. I’m not sure she is the right person for the position or if I need a new position in accounting. What are some of my options or things to consider?”

“I am getting more and more frustrated with the level of accountability in my company. There just isn’t the level of ownership and follow through I would like. I want to address this. What’s a good place to start?”

“I think I need to replace my IT person but he is the only person with all of our usernames and passwords to our systems.  What are some options to fix this and transition him out?”

“I am a field service company in the technology industry. What is an average utilization rate for that industry?”

“I’m thinking about selling my business or some kind of exit. What do I need to do and where should I start?”

“I have hit a plateau with my business. I would like to continue to grow it. What are some options with getting some outside perspective to assist with helping to grow it.”

“We think our product has some value in other industries. I’d like to talk to some experts from those industries to get their thoughts and ideas.”

“I’m in the process of buying another business. I’ve heard some horror stories on integration.  What are some things I can do to help it be a success?”

“The business has grown a lot over the last couple of years and most of my leadership team is made up of some key employees who have been with me since the beginning. I think I need something more at this point. What are some options for integrating some more seasoned leadership into my team without my current employees feeling threatened?”