Cerius Executives and Senior Management Worldwide Partner to Deliver Interim Executive Services Internationally




IRVINE, Calif. July 11, 2016Cerius Executives, a fast-growing on-demand interim executive placement firm, and Senior Management Worldwide (SMW), one of the largest international group of independent interim executive providers founded in 2004, today announced a partnership where Cerius Executives is the exclusive provider for the United States. SMW is the longest running and most successful alliance of interim executive providers with member firms represented in 19 countries. Together, Cerius and SMW are able to help clients solve business challenges, identify opportunities, improve results and fill key expertise or resource gaps with highly experienced, vetted professionals no matter where a company is located in the world.

Pamela Wasley, CEO of Cerius Executives commented, “The interim executive model has global reach and awareness of the benefits of contracting with highly skilled executives has increased for organizations of all sizes. By partnering with SMW, we are able to fulfill the needs of our clients that have a global presence. And, with our robust online platform that matches executives specifically to an organization’s challenges or goals, international companies needing a US-based executive can be confident that the executive matched for them will achieve results in the set timeframe.”

Maurizio Quarta, President of Senior Management Worldwide and one of the founders of the group, stated, “SMW was in need of a reputable firm in the United States that could thoroughly vet senior-level executives to execute strategic initiatives. Cerius has a strong presence and successful track record throughout North America and brings to SMW a model for validating and matching executives to assignments that will benefit other member firms. Cerius and SMW both benefit by being able to more quickly identify and deliver interim executives to address clients’ goals.”

SMW and Cerius have a comprehensive database of international executives and understanding of various countries’ contingent workforces laws and therefore can fulfill client needs immediately. Interim executives can be contracted for various executive roles including CEO/president, managing director, operations, finance, IT, sales, marketing and human resources. To learn more about interim executives review the white paper, Driving Corporate Innovation: The Strategic Use of Interim Executives.

About Cerius Executives

As one of the largest North American providers of contract executives for part-time, temporary, interim and consulting assignments, Cerius has a network of thousands of executives from Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, IT, Engineering and Human Resources. These executives are available to step into companies on short notice to fill a sudden gap in leadership, to run a key initiative, or to provide specialized skills and knowledge for a temporary period of time. Cerius serves clients of all sizes from virtually every industry. Cerius is headquartered in Irvine, California. To apply as an interim executive or find the perfect match for your business challenges, visit www.ceriusexecutives.com or call (949) 867-7119.

About Senior Management Worldwide

Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) is an international group of like-minded, specialist interim management providers operating in partnership under common principles and standards of excellence. SMW offers the strongest and deepest network of top flight interim executives available anywhere in the world giving our clients genuinely global reach. SMW has 16 partners in 17 countries ready to provide interim and independent executives to help organizations solve critical management issues and influence business outcomes. SMW has associated firms in other countries, which allow the group to manage projects in over 40 countries. More information is available at www.smw-interim.com.

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