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Finding the Right Executive to Match Your Business Needs – Part 1

It’s no secret that job openings are at an all-time high as of this writing. Finding the right executive, however, seems like an age-old mystery.

Here is the typical scenario we hear about all the time. An executive’s resumé is strong: It hits all of the background and keywords the CEO has identified as success factors for the open role. The interview could not have gone better. The CEO feels the candidate is his or her new best friend. They get along so well that they are practically finishing each other’s sentences. The executive starts work.

Three to six months later, the CEO is looking back, trying to figure out what was missed, because it seems as though the executive the CEO is working with today is a completely different executive.

The most frustrating of situations is misalignment between the executive you think you are hiring, based on the resumé and interviews, and the executive you actually hired, which is only revealed in actual job performance.

It is understandably tough to get past disappointment when the right executive on was not the right fit in practice. Then there is the added stress and expense of beginning a search all over again. Hiring the wrong executive can be costly, from five to fifteen times the executive’s annual salary if you include performance, reputation, waste, separation and replacement costs.

Sourcing the right executive for the job at hand is neither a science nor an art, whether interim or full-time; it’s a little bit of both. Everyone in the talent acquisition or recruiting business has their own tricks of the trade. So, if you don’t do this for a living, how do you increase your chances of hiring the right executive?

Finding the Right Executive

At Cerius, we have been vetting executives for over ten years to reduce the risk of companies bringing in the wrong executive. If you decide to engage an interim executive on your own, below we have put together some of our best practices to help minimize your risk when searching for the right executive expertise, whether it is on a part-time, temporary, interim, or project basis.

Join Us Tomorrow for Part 2!

To learn about how Cerius Interim Management can help you and for more information on interim executives, please visit our home page by clicking here.

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