Company Size & Timeframe

  • $2.6 billion
  • 2,500 employees
  • 4-5 days/week, 6 months


  • Reduced IT budget by $7 million
  • Set plans for additional $1.5-2 million of reductions
  • Projects turned from red to green – on time and under budget
  • IT and business units working as a team

Company Profile & Position

  • CIO


  • Company lost prior CIO and needed immediate leadership
  • Relationship between business and IT was broken
  • Needed strategy and standards
  • Department was disorganized


  • Established project management and governance
  • Created standards within IT including architecture
  • Realigned organization management and teams
  • Reduced costs to overall budget
  • Adjusted projects to move forward with clearer direction
  • Applied strong leadership with both IT and business background

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Cerius Insights – Customer Quote


Very thankful for the strategic plan and holding people accountable!”