Company Size & Timeframe

  • 400 Employees
  • 3-4 days/week, 9 months


  • Created marketing strategy, roadmap and infrastructure
  • Increased understanding of marketing ROI and how to realize it
  • Avoided costly mistakes with prior marketing direction

Company Profile & Position

  • Family-owned
  • Chief Marketing Officer


  • Dwindling leads after key sales personnel exhausted their contacts
  • CEO sought a marketing strategy and roadmap to establish a marketing infrastructure
  • Leadership recognized the need for marketing at this point in the company’s maturation


  • Evolved the company’s strategic platform: Vision, Mission and Values
  • Identified and resolved critical issues impacting completion of a marketing strategy and roadmap
  • Created a marketing roadmap and execution plan
  • Developed staffing and budget recommendations
  • Developed new Senior Marketing Manager position; recruited and on-boarded the right talent
  • Collaborated with Senior Marketing Manager to execute the first phase of all tactical plans
  • Launched initial thought leadership efforts: social media, blogs, speaking engagements
  • Built tactical plan with hundreds of line items to actualize marketing roadmap; included project management and tracking

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She was an amazing fit for our organization and was an incredible contribution during her time with our team.”