When Hiring Part-Time CEO, Always Remember This.

When Hiring Part-Time CEO, Always Remember This.

Before you hire a part-time CEO, you need to know the depth of the talent in your organization and the type of a leader your existing talent will battle.

People are unique and everybody has a talent of their own. A person who works from their talents is more likely to be engaged and needs less motivation on the job. This has been backed by recent research which found that people are most effective and successful when they work from their inner core, or rather from their talent.

It’s not possible to change the personality of an employee. Sure, they can learn new skills and understand new concepts, but their inner core remains the same no matter what changes happen in the environment. Neither is it the manager’s responsibility to change their subordinate’s personality. Rather it’s their job to select the right person for the job when hiring.

Cerius Executives Part-Time CEO are selected for their expertise and placed in situations where their experience can be best applied and provide useful results. Great care is taken to match Part-Time CEO’s with vacancies and businesses which align with their interests and talents.

The right Part-Time CEO for the job is one who has natural capabilities to perform the job. An aspiring chef who cooks out of his love for food is going to flourish running a restaurant and be self-motivated, but a chef who becomes one only because he is expected to run his family-owned business, is less likely to excel at the job and remain unsatisfied with their work in the long term.

It’s a common myth that people grow the most in their weakest area. Managers tend to work on solely developing abilities that their employee may not be strong in, but that is the wrong way to go about it. The fact of the matter is that people grow the most in their natural abilities, also known as their talents.

In short, you need to find out what your employees’ talents are and find the right Part-Time CEO. To do that you need to follow 3 basic principles:

Getting Ready for Part-Time CEO Tip # 1 – Create clear expectations

Define what kind of behaviour you expect from your employee in the vacancy. If you’ve been managing people in your organization for quite some time, you’ll know what kind of behaviour and attitude makes an employee successful in your organization. Defining key personality traits helps you know what exactly it is you’re looking for in an employee.

Make a list of the kind of results you expect from the position you are hiring for, and what expertise is needed to achieve your standards. Analyze previous holders of the position and note down what capabilities or experience helped them deliver. Also consider if they lacked any skills or capability which could’ve helped them attain better results.

Getting Ready for Part-Time CEO Tip # 2 – Unearth the talent of an applicant or employee

It is better you find out what an individual’s talents are before hiring them. Interview the applicant with the right questions which can identify what their specific talent is and also what motivates them.

Naturally an applicant will be nervous and might hesitate before speaking, so it’s the interviewer’s job to put them at ease. Make them feel comfortable. To the extent that they pretty much do all the talking. When they don’t feel threatened and get friendly, positive vibes from you, they will speak authentically giving you a more accurate idea of their persona. Aim to speak for around 10 minutes of an hour, letting the candidate speak for the remainder of the time.

There are two basic things you need to find out in the interview: what he can do and what he wants.

For the former, ask questions that tell you about their skills, abilities, and areas of strength. These may be straightforward for most, as an experienced worker will be able to tell you straight away what they are good at, adding in their accomplishments to back up their claims.

To unveil what the employee or applicant wants, use indirect questions. Discern what kind of a person they are, their talents, drive, interests and what their goals in life are. This can be picked up in questions which allow them to talk openly and draw from moments in their work history.

Beware of getting sidetracked by an impressive background and impressive results that have little or nothing to do with your needs and expectations. If someone has the right expertise they will be comfortable talking about specifics, sharing examples and will know the right questions to ask you, to the point you will feel they are reading your mind.

Getting Ready for Part-Time CEO Tip # 3 – Match the talent and expectations

The first principle of creating clear behavioral expectations will let you know what specific competencies and behaviors you expect an employee in the job opening to have. Once you know what to expect from the candidate, you can move on to the second principle and unveil the candidate’s talents.

It’s easier for managers to develop the competencies of an employee based on their strengths. Growing an employee’s talent translates into higher performance for the organization.

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