How Independent Executives Add More Hours in a Day for a CEO

As humans, we all need breaks. Even more so for those of us who are running businesses. Working with clients, day-to-day operations, finances, and sales are all tiring tasks that burn out even the top CEOs. This is where an independent executive can step in and give you as an owner or CEO a break.

CEOs find bringing in an independent executive often as a huge relief. An independent executive is able to step in, quickly assess the company’s specific situation, and then bring their range of experiences and expertise to remove various hats the CEO has been wearing and weighing him/her down. They take ownership so the CEO can focus on more exciting and fulfilling activities.

Removing one or more hats, allows CEOs to achieve more. For some, it gives them more time to get closer to family, while for others it allowed them to be more strategic. In fact, one CEO was able to grow his company through new business deals and acquisitions during this break because he finally had more time to create and implement a strategic plan. This was because he had an independent executive in place to take over the day-to-day operations of the company.

The many hats of a CEO can take many different forms. We had one CEO bring an independent president to help get his company out of a rut. His company was going through a tough time where drastic change was needed, but the CEO had difficulty implementing the changes since he had employees who were with him since the creation of the company. He even was debating if he should sell the company! Luckily he found an independent president through Cerius, and with this president’s help, they were able to get out of this time of hardship. The independent president stepped in and brought in a new voice and new perspective. He was able to implement the drastic changes needed, mentored employees on how to improve their productivity, and improved the general performance of the company. Essentially the CEO felt like he had a huge weight off of his shoulder. With this independent president, the CEO was able to make strategic moves, which ultimately grew his company even more, and in the end, he decided to not sell his company!

The great thing about independent management is the flexibility it offers CEOs. At any time, the CEO can resume the responsibilities or work with the leadership team on a longer-term solution now that the heavy task of someone other than the CEO doing it is completed.

Whether you are wearing too many hats, need more time to address personal issues, or need some time to get a new perspective on your business, bringing in an independent executive to take some of the load off of you as a CEO is invaluable. Get in touch with us today at Cerius, so you can take make forward progress on doing more of the right things and less of those you shouldn’t or don’t want to be doing.

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